Horizontal inline sputtering system

Features and description

  • Ideal for R & D and production
  • Horizontal carrier arrangement
  • Modular and very flexible design
  • Additional, modular process chambers
  • Loading and unloading station on one or both sides
  • Pre-treatment by glowing, heating and etching
  • DC, pulsed DC, MF and RF sputtering
  • Precise drive system with positioning function
  • Sweep mode, run mode, stationary mode
  • Replaceable cathode modules planar & rotatable
  • Process sequence fully automatic
  • Recipe management and process visualization
  • Data management for process documentation
  • Effective vacuum pump system
  • System-specific substrate sizes:
    • 1000 mm x 400 mm x 35 mm
    • 1000 mm x 600 mm x 35 mm
    • 1000 mm x 800 mm x 35 mm

Description of a typical application

The term sputtering is a physical process in which atoms are released from a solid (target) by bombardment with high-energy ions (predominantly noble gas ions) and then transferred to the gas phase.

The term sputtering is usually understood to mean only the sputter deposition, a high-vacuum-based coating technique belonging to the group of PVD processes. Furthermore, sputtering is used in surface physics as a cleaning method for the preparation of high-purity surfaces and as a method for analyzing the chemical composition of surfaces.

The DELTALINE series is a very flexible R & D and production system for such thin-film processes.

DELTALINE 10X0H - Technical Data

Substrate dimensions
1000 x 400 x 35 mm - (DELTALINE 1040H)
1000 x 600 x 35 mm - (DELTALINE 1060H)
1000 x 800 x 35 mm - (DELTALINE 1080H)
Substrate weight, max.
50 kg
Carrier orientation
Speed range
0.2 ... 10 m/min
High vacuum pumps
Turbo-molecular pumps
Temp. pre-treatment
20 ... 350 °C
Plasma pre-treatment
Glowing/ etching
Ultimate vacuum
< 2 x 10^-6 mbar
Sputtering cathode
Planar / tube cathode
Sputtering modes
DC / DC pulsed / MF / RF
Power per cathode
5 ... 20 kW
Metals / alloys / multilayers / oxides
No. of process chambers
1 ... 3
Process chamber material
stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions (L x W x H), ca.
5900* x 2500 x 2000 mm - (DELTALINE 1040H)
5900* x 3000 x 2000 mm - (DELTALINE 1060H)
5900* x 3500 x 2000 mm - (DELTALINE 1080H)
* Length depends on configuration

* Other machine sizes and specifications on request

Product information (PDF):


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