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The HS-Group specializes in supplying the vacuum and thin-film industry with high-quality components, services and complete vacuum systems. Our ability to integrate your special wishes and requirements, the high-quality of our products and our many years of expertise in this field will ensure you the best solution for your problem

March 2022 - VON ARDENNE, with its head office in Dresden
becomes majority shareholder of the HS-Group

Merger of three companies in October 2017

2017 »»»
Complete merger with HS-PlasmaTec GmbH and ONLINK Technologies GmbH

2014 »»»
Takeover of IPT GmbH together with a co-investor. IPT is renamed HS-PlasmaTec GmbH

2011 »»»
Expansion of the production area by 360 m2 together with ONLINK Technologies GmbH in 63512 Hainburg, Germany.

2009 »»»
Amalgamation with IPT GmbH in the area of high-frequency plasma jet sources type: QUATRON.

2008 »»»
Further development of the control system LayOp® Version 3. Improvement of the deflection for electron guns.

2007 »»»
Development of an in-line sputtering system type ZH-1000-3K together with ONLINK Technologies GmbH.

2005 »»»
Development of our deflection amplifier HP05.
Sale of a coating machine type ZV-600-3K.

2003 »»»
Integration of the optical measuring system OMD 8000 made by ONLINK Technologies GmbH into the control software LayOp®.

2001 »»»
Development and market launch of the LayOp® control system for optical vacuum evaporation systems (multiple layers). Registration of the brand name LayOp® at the DPM (German Patent and Trademark Office).
Development and market launch of the LayWeb® control system for vacuum belt evaporation plants. Registration of the brand name LayOp® at the DPM (German Patent and Trademark Office).

2000 »»»
Introduction of remote service devices on modernized high-vacuum plants.

1998 »»»
Working with students during their internship and assisting them with their diploma theses (e.g., electron beam gun deflection control).
Cooperation with ONLINK Technologies GmbH.

1990 »»»
Founding of the company by former engineers of the company Leybold AG in Hanau, Germany.
Business purpose:
Rebuilding, modernisation (upgrade/retrofit) of high-vacuum strip steaming systems as well as vapor deposition systems for optical layers.

2017 »»»
New company name HS-Group GmbH

2014 »»»
Due to the takeover of a group of investors, the company was renamed to HS-PlasmaTec GmbH

2011 »»»
Move to new premises in 63512 Hainburg, Germany.
Production and office space 360 m2

2007 »»»
Realignment of the company for beam analysis with micro-system technology

2006 »»»
Further development of plasma jet sources for linear systems; patent applications

2005 »»»
Worldwide retrofitting of the Circulus systems for the separation of thin carbon layers by using PBS plasma sources. Further development of PBS plasma sources for ion support in high vacuum by means of fluoric substances for the DUV/VUV range 193 nm

2004 »»»
Production of the first industrial plant for the production of micro arrays for gas analysis

2003 »»»
Start of transfer of the C Gun for the separation of thin carbon layers in industrial production

2002 »»»
Relocation of the company’s headquarters to Kleinwallstadt, Germany. Further intensified cooperation with Jakob Vakuumtechnik

2001 »»»
Construction of a 1 m ion source for the separation of SiO2 layers for industrial production of gas sensor micro arrays

2000 »»»
Project start for the development of state-of-the-art sensors for gas analysis

1999 »»»
Merger with the Jakob Group and increased cooperation with Jakob Vakuumtechnik

1998 »»»
Redesign of inductively coupled RF ion sources with variable steel geometry (ECWR = Electron Cyclotron Wave Resonance); "First of the First" linear ion source with 30 cm beam geometry and 3-times extraction grid

1996 »»»
First experiments on the industrial separation of ultra-thin carbon films using plasma jet sources (PE-CVD process)

1994 »»»
Production of the world's first plasma source with a neutral plasma jet; Operating principle: “Self-biasing effect” by Prof. Dr. Hans Oechsner

1993 »»»
Inception as "Start up" of the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

2017 »»»
Complete merger with HS-PlasmaTec GmbH and Hilberg & Partner GmbH

2015 »»»
The Onlink Technologies GmbH becomes part of the HS Group

2011 »»»
Expansion of our production area in Hainburg, Germany

2005 »»»
Move to new offices in 63512 Hainburg, Germany.
Office space: 750 m2
Production area: 1600 m2

2004 »»»
Change of name from KONTEX Technologies GmbH to ONLINK Technologies GmbH

Continuation of the business divisions:
• Vacuum special system construction
• Conversion of pre-owned systems
• Sale of spare parts for the vacuum industry
• Sale of consumables
• Sale of vacuum components
• Sale of construction of vacuum measuring equipment

2003 »»»
Sale of the business unit vacuum coil coating lines to LEYBOLD Optics GmbH in an “asset deal”.

Sales of spare parts and consumables as well as the construction of special equipment will continue as before.

1998 »»»
Founding of KONTEX Technologies GmbH in Seligenstadt, Germany

Products & Services:
• Production and distribution of vacuum coil coating systems in Germany
• Production and distribution of special vacuum systems/laboratory systems

Complete technology and construction of the plants in Germany.
Entry into what is referred to the A segment of the construction industry,
a new generation of systems

1997 »»»
Founding of EASTEX Capacitor Materials Co. Ltd in Foshan/VR China

• Production and distribution of metallized films for the production of capacitors

Market leadership in the strategically most important country for capacitor vacuum web coater
Feedback from production know-how to the continuous improvement of the machines.

1993 »»»
Founding of Onlink Int’l Ltd in Hong Kong, China

• Sale of spare parts for the vacuum industry
• Sale of consumables for the vacuum industry
• Conversion of vacuum systems
Service and maintenance of vacuum systems 

Founding of KONTEX Int’l Ltd in Hong Kong, China

Business purpose:
• Construction of vacuum web coater and optics systems 
• Construction of the plants in VR China with components from Germany


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