Inline sputtering system

The inline DELTALINE concept is our answer to challenging thin films that are produced through magnetron-sputtering, PECVD or thermal evaporation applications. DELTALINE can be configured as a batch or highly productive inline sputtering system. The modular design allows for optimal customization, tailored to our customers’ needs.

DELTALINE is available in various configurations, starting with the substrate orientation. DELTALINE-H systems move the substrate horizontally, and all process steps are applied either from the top or from the bottom. DELTALINE-V systems move the substrate vertically and all process steps are applied from the side.

Description of a typical application

The term “sputtering” is a physical process in which atoms are released from a solid (target) by bombardment with high-energy ions (predominantly noble gas ions) and then transferred to the gas phase. The term “sputtering” usually refers only to the sputter deposition, a high-vacuum-based coating technique belonging to the group of PVD processes. Furthermore, sputtering is used in surface physics as a cleaning method for the preparation of high-purity surfaces and as a method for analyzing the chemical composition of surfaces. The DELTALINE series is a very flexible R&D and production system for such thin film deposition processes.

Typical application areas

  • Architecture and buildings
  • Displays
  • Optical industry
  • Medicine
  • Decoration and jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Lighting


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