Deko / 3D Batch Coater

  • SIGMET COMPACT front view
  • SIGMET COMPACT left side
  • SIGMET 2000V Frontansicht

    SIGMET COMPACT front view

  • SIGMET COMPACT left side

Features and description

The SIGMET COMPACT applies coats even to the most complex 3D molded parts while meeting the demands of exact, precise quality and flexibility.


  • Double door arrangement for high productivity
  • Precise drive system
  • Planetary drive for homogeneous coating
  • Vertical arrangement of the substrate holders
  • Substrate holder only supported on one side (no cage)
  • Modular and very flexible design
  • Glow pre-treatment using AC or DC
  • Glow pre-treatment using MF (40 Hz)
  • Recipe management and process visualization
  • Data management for process documentation
  • Combined divisions of the planetary drive possible
  • Effective height of the substrate holder 1,200 mm
  • Base coat - PECVD process
  • Top Coat (protective coat) - PECVD process
  • Highly effective and fast vacuum system
  • Remote control maintenance


  • Decorative packaging
  • Glass and bottles
  • Design and lifestyle products
  • Ornamental and decorative items
  • Buttons, frames, push buttons, handles, plates
  • Christmas decoration
  • Interior and exterior automotive equipment
  • Lighting system

SIGMET COMPACT - Technical Data

Chamber diameter
1200 mm
Weight per substrate holder
50 kg
Substrate holder orientation
No. of substrate holders
2 holders
Usable diameter
540 mm
Usable height
1500 mm
Plasma pre-treatment
DC / MF - glowing
Ultimate vacuum
< 2 x 10^-6 mbar
Drive speed
1 ... 10 U/min
No. of evaporators
18 evaporators
Evaporator power
20 kW
Batch time
7 - 15 min
PECVD Base Coat / Aluminum / SiOx / PECVD Top Coat
Coating source
Tungsten filament
No. of doors
2 doors
Power consumption
45 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)
5800 x 4600 x 2500 mm

* Other machine sizes and specifications on request

Product information (PDF): SIGMET Series


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