System maintenance, remote control maintenance
One time or on a contract basis at specific intervals

Features and description

The maintenance tasks can be done online as well as on-site.

The on-site maintenance is coordinated with the customer in certain time intervals, depending on the type of system.

Modern software architectures facilitate maintenance and can be accessed online worldwide. This supports the concept of reducible service life.

Worldwide service using the latest technologies.

  • Diagnosis
  • Software updates
  • Service
  • Data transmission (operating instructions, extensions, etc.)
  • Online training directly on the visualization PC of your system

Pump maintenance
of pre- and high-vacuum pumps

Together with our partner companies, we repair & maintain your pumping stations and your vacuum components and return them to their optimum condition.

We inspect and repair a wide variety of pump types:

  • Roots pump/rotary vane pump
  • Diffusion pumps
  • Dry roughing pumps/scroll pumps
  • Rotary pumps

We guarantee the optimum functioning of your pumps during the prescribed maintenance intervals after service and in compliance with the regulations.

You can rely on these services:

  • On-site service
  • In-house service,
  • Rental equipment
  • Calibration
  • Vacuum component disposal, as well as a
  • wide range of spare parts.


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