round plasma source

Features and description

A round plasma source for multifunctional use in different system types. This type of source is very well dimensioned and can be adapted to the hardware. This is also the physically and mechanically most favorable form.

The QUATRON-R can be used for etching, coating, supporting with vapor deposition coatings or magnetron coatings, production of oxide layers.

Advantages of the source:

  • Ion energy in the beam: 20 to ~2,000 eV
  • Beam current: up to ~ 6 mA/cm²
  • Very mono-chrome energy distribution in the respective pressure range
  • Neutral beam (no static charge from the substrate)
  • Parallel beam
  • Plasma operation with ALL possible gases
  • Plasma operation with several gases simultaneously with the mixture (initial contact) in the plasma
  • No process contamination. (Stability and reproducibility)

Coatings “from the source”. For example, in DLC processes, the C+ atoms are processed in the source.

QUATRON-R - technical data

Beam diameter
80 mm (QUATRON-R 80)
200 mm (QUATRON-R 200)
300 mm (QUATRON-R 300)
450 mm (QUATRON-R 450)
Beam area, ca.
50 cm² (QUATRON-R 80)
314 cm² (QUATRON-R 200)
700 cm² (QUATRON-R 300)
1590 cm² (QUATRON-R 450)
Pressure range
2 * 10E-3 ... 1 * 10E-5 mbar
all gases
RF-Power, max
5000 Watt
Energy up to
2000 eV
Current density, up to
~4 mA/cm² (QUATRON-R 80)
5 mA/cm² (QUATRON-R 200)
5 mA/cm² (QUATRON-R 300)
5 mA/cm² (QUATRON-R 450)
manual, automatic
Extraction net
tungsten, stainless steel, etc...
Wafer, EB-Gun Assistance, PVD, Etching, PECVD, R&D, etc...

* Other QUATRON-R sizes and specifications on request

Product information (PDF):


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