Optical monitoring

  • Optical Monitoring - system configuration
  • Photometer OMD-8000 desktop version
  • 6-fold quartz crystal changer Typ QCC-6.1
  • Multi changer MPC-Q4/G12-V2
  • SIGMET 2000V - Seitenansicht

    Optical Monitoring - system configuration

  • SIGMET 2000V Frontansicht

    Photometer OMD-8000 desktop version

  • 6-fold quartz crystal changer Typ QCC-6.1

  • Multi changer MPC-Q4/G12-V2

Why optical monitoring

Optical monitoring measures the true optical thickness and not the evaporated or coated mass as in quartz monitoring. Therefore, precision and fine optics always require a combination of both measuring methods - quartz monitoring and optical monitoring.

When using the appropriate accessories, the OMD-8000 offers on request both measuring methods in one device to give your process the necessary precision and accuracy.

  • Transmission or reflection mode
  • Direct monitoring on the substrate holder
  • Light transmission via fiber optic cable
  • Monochromator-based wavelength selection
  • Windows-based user interface
  • Ethernet, serial or digital interface
  • Forecasting the expected curve
  • All current monitoring strategies are supported
  • Automatic amplifier adjustment
  • Digital light chopper
  • Stabilized halogen light source
  • Very high noise immunity
  • Very accurate repeatability
  • Very high resolution
  • Very large dynamic range
  • Optional UV light source
  • Optional test glass changer
  • Optional multi-changer (test glass & quartz)
  • Optional quartz measurement
  • Optional synchronized substrate holder drive
  • Optional table housing

Direct measurement on the calotte

The OMD-8000 can be used to measure either on the optionally available multi-changer or directly on the substrate holder, what is referred to as calotte, in transmission. The direct measurement on the substrate holder significantly improves the precision and repeatability as well as the productivity of the process.

Specifications are becoming narrower and requirements are getting higher in fine optics The OMD-8000 is therefore the perfect monitoring device for those who want to achieve the highest quality in their process.

Wide range of accessories

In order to adapt the OMD-8000 to your needs, we offer a wide range of accessories such as:

  • Suitable optical fibers
  • Attachments and brackets
  • Test glass changers/multi changers
  • 6-fold quartz changers
  • Rotary feedthroughs for substrate holders

In addition to the items listed here, it is our strength to offer customized solutions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

OMD-8000 - technical data

Spectral range VIS/NIR
250 - 1100 nm (Model OMD-8000-2-250-1100)
400 - 1700 nm (Model OMD-8000-2-400-1700)
400 - 2100 nm (Model OMD-8000-2-400-2100)
Block filters
3 filters (Model OMD-8000-2-250-1100)
3 filters (Model OMD-8000-2-400-1700)
4 filters (Model OMD-8000-2-400-2100)
Detector VIS/NIR
1 x PMT-250-550 and 1 x Si-400-1100 (OMD-8000-2-250-1100)
1 x Si-400-1100 and 1 x InGaAs-1000-1700 (OMD-8000-2-400-1700)
1 x Si-400-1100 and 1 x InGaAs-1000-2100 (OMD-8000-2-400-2100)
Frequency – Light Chopper
80 Hz
Power – Lamp VIS
50 Watt
Power – Lamp UV
30 Watt
Typical spot size
4 mm
Typical bandwith
1 (UV) ... 5 (NIR)
Max. signal resolution
0,001 %
Dynamic range
24 bit
Max. no. of layers
Limited by memory only
Analog output, 2 x BNC
0 - 10 Volt
1 x Ethernet, 1 x RS232, 1 x Digital Interface
Input current
6 Amper
Input voltage
85 - 230 Volt
Dimensions 19“ Rack
485 x 265 x 630 mm
Dimensions table top
590 x 300 x 660 mm


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