High-voltage power supply HV 10/10

Tamed high voltage for your purposes

Features and description

High-voltage power supply for a wide range of applications, for example, magnetron, lasers, ion implantation supplies, electron beam evaporators, capacitor charges, electronic acceleration systems.

With state-of-the-art resonant converter and control technology, these high-voltage devices achieve very high power densities.

The high-voltage devices of this class operate with a self-adjusting switching frequency, depending on the operating point, whereby the output parameters using a pulse width modulation (PWM) are regulated. This control technology guarantees virtually switching of the power semiconductors without any losses.

The optimal adaptation to the task is carried out by customer-specific modifications (low residual ripple, low stored energy).

  • Grid-powered modular HV device up to 10 kW
  • High voltages of up to 10 kV
  • Exceptional control data for voltage or current output
  • As a capacitor charger with very little overshooting of the output voltage
  • State-of-the-art resonant converter topology, best EMC values
  • Very high efficiency, up to 93%
  • Extensive parameterizable ARC management
  • Modular system, can be switched in parallel to increase power


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